Frequently Asked Questions

Our wardrobe

How do I know that the items I get from the platform are genuine?

Authenticity is of the utmost importance to Emprue. All our items are 100% genuine and sourced directly from reputable sources.

How does Emprue tie into the brands that are on the platform?

Emprue has great respect for luxury brands, but is not affiliated with the brands we rent. We are not sponsored by any of the brands.

What is the status of the items I pick up?

The condition of each item will vary. Sometimes you will be the first to enjoy the item, and other times you may notice slight signs of wear. If you would like to discuss the status of an item further, please contact us at

Can I reserve something even if it's not currently available?

We know that last minute deals come up, but our items are on a first come, first serve basis only.

Can I take an item and let a friend use it during my rental period?

The terms and conditions you agree to when you place an order state that you will be the only person using the items during the period. If someone else uses the items during your hire period, you will still be held responsible if damage/loss or theft of the items occurs.

How do I know the item I order will arrive clean and ready to wear?

We know you have high standards and so do we! Every time an item is returned, it goes through a careful inspection and thorough cleaning process.

Do I need to clean the item before returning it?

Please don't worry about cleaning your item - we'll do it for you!

Shipping and returns

How will I know that the order has been shipped?

As soon as the order has been shipped, we will notify you by email.

When and how do I return an item at the end of the period?

We will send a reminder when the end is near. Then simply pack it in the original box you received it in and drop it off at a Speedy office (or vending machine). A free return label will be included with the order. Items must be handed in by 4pm on the last day of your rental. It is so easy!

If there is a problem with the delivery?

Depending on what the problem is and what we can do to help. Email us at

My item is not as described online, can I return it?

Please email us at within 3 hours of receiving the item so we can address your concerns.

What happens if I return the item I picked up late?

When items are returned late, a fee of BGN 25 per day will be charged until the item is returned. This is a daily fee that will be billed until we receive the item back or the item's retail price is reached. We also reserve the right to charge your credit card for the full price of the item(s) if the item is not returned at all or to take legal action. When the item is finally received by us, we will refund your credit card less late fees and any repair costs if necessary.

Payment and damages

What payment method can I use?

We offer the possibility to pay by credit and debit card, as well as cash on delivery.

What happens if I damage or lose an item?

Please treat your picked up item as your own, but if you damage the item you will be liable for a repair fee. In cases where you have damaged an item beyond repair or lost the item, you will be required to pay a replacement fee which may be up to the full retail value of the item. We reserve the right to review each case on a case-by-case basis and will investigate all damages before informing you of next steps and fees. If you damage an item, please notify us as soon as possible.

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